Written & Directed by William Allum

Produced by William Allum, Nathaniel Imber, Fred Crohem & Dale Ash

Starring Sarah Parker & Niamh Byrne


ASMR based horror that might get CLOSER than you imagine. Grab some headphones, and hold tight.


Stumbling across ASMR videos late one night, Sarah is intrigued by the phenomenon and its calming effects. When a suspicious video pops up and automatically plays, soon she accidentally ventures down an online rabbit hole. Plagued by phantom whispers and apparitions, she is unsure if everything is in her head or real.


ASMR means Automated Sensory Meridian Response, this is a pleasant tingling on the back of the neck and head caused by certain sounds (whispering) or visuals, and which some people use to help relax or to get sleep. Looking for an new angle in horror, it was our own experience and appreciation of ASMR that lead us to create this short.


Now available on Amazon Prime.




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