tn flowers for no one 03

Directed & Produced by William Allum & Fred Crohem

Writen by Nathaniel Imber & Beth Lamont

Cinematography by Joe Ransom

Starring David Menkin, Nnabiko Ejimofor, Clare Louise Connolly, Edward Handoll


After the world is decimated by a virus similar to rabies, spread from animals to humans via tainted meat. A small group of survivors make a last ditched trip across the sea with a highly contagious sample, hoping to find help and a cure. With symptoms already appearing, how long can they hold out before they complete the trip and they too turn on each other.



(white) GL extravaganza May 2020Auckland Official Selection 2018 ColorLondon Lift Off 2017 ONLINE W LaurelsOFFICIAL SELECTION   Nightpiece Film Festival 2018 Edinburgh Fringe   2017 WhiteOFFICIAL SELECTION   Spotlight Horror Film Awards   2017 white